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The Shuni App will no longer be available in the App Store or on Google Play. Instead, content from the app will continue to be available here.

Note: All content is for educational purposes only, and not intended as medical advice.


To make best use of this resource, try to read these lessons carefully, with an eye towards reflection and digesting. As you read each lesson, ask yourself:

• What new information did I learn?
• Based on this, what specific changes in behavior and beliefs do I want to make?


How Much Sleep Do I Really Need?

Getting to know yourself


Hacking Sleep Efficiency

The metric to optimize


Brain Waves While We Sleep

Intro to sleep architecture


Wind Down to Sleep Better

Protect your buffer zone


Proactive Worrying

Turn off night-time anxiety


The Role of Belief in Insomnia

Becoming a good sleeper


A specific high-impact behavior is practicing the skills of mindfulness. You’ll find guided audio meditations to support you in this practice.

As you listen to our guided meditations, you may be surprised that they feel a bit difficult. They might feel unfamiliar. That’s okay! These guided meditations are designed to help you build capacity around a particular mindfulness skill, not simply be a voice to lull you to sleep. Over time, as you practice, you will find that meditation becomes easier and you may no longer need an audio guide.

Leaves on a Stream

When thoughts need some tidying up.

Sleepy Cues

Autogenic training when you are ready to sleep.

61 Points

61 Points is a little bit like counting sheep, but better.

Surfing the Wave

Working with strong emotion.


Nurturing compassion.